Things That Keep Your Baby Entertained on a Plane

I wrote this just about a year ago, after taking my first solo with baby plane flights. I thought it was appropriate to post, as I will be referencing this post in my next post. Oh, and I cannot get my picture to show using the iPad, so I will update it when I get to a computer.

1.Hand over your cup of Starbuck’s oatmeal and a plastic spoon-if it’s been long enough since it was made, it will be congealed enough, so that no matter how it is flung, no oatmeal flies out and they may actually ingest some! (30 minutes)

2. Open and close the window as many times as you possibly can, even better if you can smear aforementioned oatmeal on the window and window shade. (15 minutes)

3. Play peek-a-boo with the person across the aisle, with the people in the rows in front and behind. (20 minutes off and on throughout flight)

4. Make eyes at all flight attendants and smile sweetly. (10 minutes depending on mood)

5. Play in the sink in the bathroom-wash hands, float soap, tear up paper towels or tissue, giggle at the flush of the toilet. (5-10 minutes depending on length of line of waiting passengers and/or fasten seat belt illumination)

6. Down your cup of ginger ale/diet soda/bloody mary mix/gin & tonic as quickly as possible so you can hand over your clear plastic cup to be used as a shaker, hat, tambourine, holder of cheerios or goldfish, vessel to be used during the how-long-can-it-stay-on-my-head game. (15 minutes)

7. Kick/shove/push the seat in front of you to see how long it will take for the person occupying it to turn around and glare (we were actually lucky the last two times-EXTREMELY nice people both ways). (throughout the flight)

8. “Read” through the Skymall magazine, pointing out all of the fun items that we “need” now. Make sure to tear out every page after “reading” has finished. (20 minutes)

9. Wish that the plane lands before you have to use the airsickness bag because of the worst turbulence you’ve ever experienced, thanking your lucky stars that the kid in front of your kid is playing peek-a-boo with them so that you can focus on “in through the nose and out through the mouth” while trying to find that pressure point in your wrist that supposedly decreases motion sickness. (10 MISERABLE minutes)


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I'm a wife, mom and kindergarten teacher . A daughter and sister and granddaughter. A friend, a confidante...(I used to watch Golden Girls with my Nana all the time when I was little). And it's so nice to walk into a place where everyone knows your name (and I used to pretend I was sleeping on the couch so I could watch Cheers).
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